Iba Mubarak

There are many reasons to say

iba mubarak. Discover yours!

Say Iba Mubarak to welcome India’s first Halal cosmetics

Iba is the first brand in India to offer a wide range of cosmetics, each authentically “certified Halal” by Halal India

Say Iba Mubarak for beauty free of animal derived ingredients

Iba products are free of all animal based ingredients such as pig fat, gelatin, keratin, etc. Iba products are suitable for Muslims, Vegetarians and well as Vegans

Say Iba Mubarak to show your skin pure love

Iba products are packed with the goodness of pure and powerful natural ingredients that will bring out the best in your skin

Say Iba Mubarak for beauty without cruelty

Iba products are neither tested on animals nor contain any animal derived ingredients

Say Iba Mubarak for real beauty without impurity

Iba products enhance your beauty while remaining free of impurities such as animal derived ingredients, alcohol and harsh chemicals such as sulfates and parabens

Say Iba Mubarak to welcome alcohol-free fragrances

Iba Pure Attars, Pure Perfumes and Attar Sprays are 100% free of alcohol, providing luxurious, long-lasting fragrance throughout the day

Say Iba Mubarak for quality without compromise

Iba products are made and packed in a clean, hygienic, Halal certified manufacturing facility to ensure highest quality