Face Glow Exfoliating Wash

Face Glow

Exfoliating Wash

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Iba Face Glow Exfoliating Wash with Fruits of HeavenTM and Innovative Brighta Pearls containing Vitamin E gently polishes away dead skin cells, dirt, impurities and excess oil to reveal bright and glowing skin without disturbing its natural moisture balance.

Key Ingredients:

Iba’s proprietary formulation with Fruits of HeavenTM:

  • Pomegranates – Contain anti-oxidants and vitamin C to brighten dull skin

  • Figs – Rich source of enzymes and minerals that clears skin and imparts youthful radiance

  • Grapes – Reduce dark spots and protect from sun damage

  • Dates – Purify skin, improve elasticity and ensure glow

With Innovative Brighta Pearls containing Vitamin E

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50 ml 100 ml

R 52.00

Halal Certified Product

No Alcohol No Pork or Animal Derrived Ingredients No Sulfates and Parabens
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Apply gently to wet face, massage and rinse thoroughly, avoiding the eye area. For lasting glow, follow with Iba Face Glow Brightening Cream.

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