Brand Ambassador

Iba is looking for enterprising women who are ready to spread the goodness of Halal

and put ethical, safe and effective products in the hands of everyone. In our vision to spread this message, every single person counts. Whether you can spend five hours a week working or 50, we work with you so you can work with us. Together we can make a difference. We promise it will be rewarding – in every sense of the world!

Brand Ambassador

What this means for you

Spread the message of Halal & vegetarian cosmetics while benefitting from an additional source of income!

Step 1

Sign Up

Purchase your Business Kit, which includes your Ambassador ID Card, Product Catalogue, product training materials, order book and protocols for operating your business.

A training session on brand concept, products and basic selling techniques will also be undertaken through Skype, phone or in-person depending on your location.

Business Kit Rs. 750 (Required; non-refundable)

Step 2

Set your goals

Up to 22% discount on all purchases based on monthly target sales achieved

Minimum sales target per month is Rs. 12,000/- (will not be applicable for first 3 months as brand ambassador)

Step 3

Order your products and begin selling

Collect orders from your customers in the order book.

Place a consolidated order by email to Iba Halal Care, obtain your invoice and complete payment.

Iba Halal care will send your ordered product through courier / transporter on freight-paid basis*or if you are located in a city where there is an Iba Store (e.g. Ahmedabad, Aurangabad, Vadodara, etc.), you will have to collect your order from our store yourself.

(*Note: Minimum Rs. 12,000 invoice value must be there for freight-paid / free shipping across India)

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